Maple water is the refreshing maple sap that flows for a short period of time in early spring. It contains all of the vital nutrients that fuel the springtime bloom and bring the forest back to life after a dormant winter.

For centuries, Native Americans and other indigenous people around the world have enjoyed drinking fresh maple water to celebrate the arrival of spring and rejuvenate after the long winter. In recent times, this miracle of nature had been hidden from us, enjoyed only by the maple syrup community during the early spring.

At Happy Tree we are proud to share the finest wild-harvested, early season, raw and organic maple water sourced from the pristine Catskill Mountains. The story of maple water begins below, with the Fall season.


With the approaching winter, the maple tree stashes vital nutrients and carbohydrates in its trunk to prepare for revitalization in the early spring.


With its vital nutrients safely stored away for springtime rejuvenation, the tree settles into a dormant state along with the rest of the forest for the winter season.


As the ground thaws in the spring, the tree draws fresh spring water from the earth and filters it through its roots.

The water then makes its way up the tree trunk, collecting the nutrients that had been stored away in the previous fall.

The fresh nutrient enriched springwater then gets to work, revitalizing the tree and beginning the springtime bloom that we all enjoy.

B Vitamins convert the tree's stored carbs into energy, manganese strengthens it, while zinc and anti-oxidants protect it through its springtime revival.

Early season maple water revives the tree in the spring and is also healthy and refreshing for us. It’s a delicious way for us to wake up in the morning, prepare for a workout, or enjoy its rejuvenating properties throughout the day.

  • Sourced locally in the pristine Catskill Mountains

  • Nutrient-rich with B vitamins, and electrolytes and other minerals for natural energy and hydration throughout the day

  • Half the calories of coconut water

  • Nothing added and never heated, just the way nature intended

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